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Room Additions, Dormers, Garages, 2nd floor additions
We truly believe that opening up walls and redesigning existing spaces can give you more functional space within your existing home and we really try to talk you into this first (even though it is less money in our pocket). However,  when you have exhausted that method and made the decision that you absolutely have to have more square footage then we are happy to help.

The addition to the right was originally a screened porch but the homeowner had little need for the porch as it was built.  They decided they wanted to integrate the space into the home and since the porch was well built with a good foundation and good roof system, we were able to reconstruct the walls in order to insulate and drywall.  

The tall fireplace gives the room a cozy lodge feel and ample skylights, doors and windows bring in plenty of natural light.

For more photos of this project visit our page on Houzz

Room Addition and Whole House remodel
This home in Terrace Park underwent a massive transformation.  Terrace Park would not allow them to tear down and rebuild so architect Hans Neutzel came up with this plan to work with the existing structure.

You will find nearly all of the types of remodeling we do in the video on our left.  From dormers to a two-story addition to a new kitchen and bathrooms.

We will work with you to make your home the home of your dreams and the talk of the neighborhood.  All it takes is an email!

"I have dealt with quite a few contractors and remodeling projects and I can honestly say that this experience was the most pleasant."    Stephanie, Terrace Park (see review)

Family Room Addition with New Kitchen

The most popular room addition extends the kitchen and family room to create one great big room or what designers now call the "great room".   Master bedroom/bath additions are also typical for older homes.

Many of the older homes lack ample kitchen and entertaining space so adding to those spaces can make an old home feel like new again.  In addition, opening up walls and combining once-seperate spaces can add more truly functional space.

The video on your right highlights an addition in Fairfield that involved a large family room addition as well as extensive renovation on the interior to open up three rooms.  The result is a stunning open space that is inviting to family and friends.  

"They have greatly added to the beauty of our home and we would not change a thing."    
Pat and Karen, Fairfield    
(see review)

Houston Construction handles all of our projects from footer to finish.

Master Bathroom Addition
Room AdditionHyde Park couple wanted a master bathroom retreat that worked with their active lifestyles and provided a soothing place to relax after a long run or bike ride.  The existing floorplan of the home just didn't have the space to accomodate their needs, so we expanded by utilizing an existing room addition and building on top of it.  The existing family room addition was added to the home in the 70's and was solid enough to accept the new 2nd story addition that would become the new bathroom.  Their master bedroom was also improved by removing the old small closets  and creating a large new walk-in closet in the new addition.  The new bathroom has a roomy custom shower with body sprays and lots of open glass to get natural daylight.  A standard bathtub-sized whirlpool tub allows them to soak aching muscles, while still not stealing unnecessary space from the room.  

"We will be recommending you to anyone we know or come across who is thinking of remodeling their home.  Thank you again for the wonderful job you did"         Matt and Janice, Hyde Park    (see review)
Some interior photos of the project.  bathroom Bathroom Remodeling Hyde Park Bathroom Remodeling Hyde Park Bathroom Remodeling Cincinnati Bathroom Remodeling Cincinnati
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