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Basement Finishing
The basement is the most economical solution to gain more living space within an existing home.  The space is already there and since it just needs to be finished, you get more bang for the buck than you would get with a room addition.  When the lower level is finished, it becomes an extension of the rest of the home, utilizing the same finish techniques, matching baseboard, doors, and flooring to make it a seamless part of your home.  We add plenty of lighting as well as drywalled ceilings so that you don't get that "basement feel". The kids and grown-ups alike will love spending time in the new recreation areas.
Makeover for a 1920's basement
before and after basement

While the modern basement may be fairly easy to remodel (and we do plenty of those), it doesn't mean that we can't provide a beautiful and functional space in older homes.  We believe that a basement finish in an older home really breathes new life and purpose into it.   We tend to work on a lot of homes in the inner ring original suburbs of Hyde Park, Mt Lookout, Oakley and similar older neighborhoods where the residents take pride in living closer to the amenities, services and entertainment that Cincinnati has to offer.  These same customers have a love/hate relationship with their older homes; they love the old details that the homes have to offer, but often hate the challenges they face with remodeling them.  That's where we come in.

These older homes can present challenges when remodeling them and basements can be the most challenging.  Headroom can sometimes be a major issue that requires creative solutions and drainage needs to be taken care of prior to finishing the basement.  Sometimes it is necessary to also reroute plumbing and electric lines to create clean lines for ceilings.  

This basement is in a home built in the 1920's in Mt Lookout and was typical of the time period, dark and damp.  The homeowner invested in an interior trench style drain system and sump pump to ensure that the basement was dry prior to finishing.  The original floors sloped towards two different drains so we leveled the floors in those areas to minimize the slope and installed a large format porcelain tile.    Plenty of recessed LED lighting brightens up the new space and makes the new area almost unrecognizable from the original.

Enjoy this Before and After Video

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