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Dust Control and Property Protection
We take dust control and property protection as well as your security and privacy seriously.   Here are a few of the steps we take to keep you as comfortable as possible during the remodeling process. 
Dust Walls:  We construct temporary dust walls to surround the project, built with real 2x4 wood studs and then we attach heavy duty plastic sheeting to the walls.  The wall is then outfitted with a real door to minimize the spread of dust.  Remember to help us minimize the dust by keeping the door closed at all times.

Floor Protection:  Hardwood floors and carpet are first covered with a layer of paper or plastic, followed by 4'x8' sheets of Masonite (tempered hardboard).  The masonite is taped together at the seams and this surface provides a stable protective surface to allow us to work without harming your existing floors.  We've seen lots of other methods but this one is tried and true and has worked very well for us for years.

For hardwood flooring stairs, we cut small pieces of masonite and protect the stairs the same way as described for the floor.  For carpeted stairs, we will tack down tarps for longer projects or use a self-adhesive plastic designed specifically for this use.

Privacy and Security:  The temporary walls also give you a sense of privacy and we can add drywall or plywood to the walls to provide additional privacy or security to keep your children away from the project.  If you'll permit us to have one on site, we use portable jobsite toilets for most  larger projects so we stay out of your restrooms.  For access to the home, we use a secure lockbox that contains a key to the home and only key personnel know the codes and they are changed randomly.

Temporary Kitchens:  During extensive kitchen remodels we can provide you with a temporary kitchen.  At the very least we will help you set up your refrigerator and a temporary top to keep the microwave and basic daily needs together.  If temporary sinks are necessary we can provide that as well.  Kitchens are the most challenging remodeling project from a homeowners perspective because the kitchen is the hub of the home and it is difficult to do without it.  We will do all we can to make it easier on you but your family will have to plan ahead for meals and make sure the whole family is on the same page.

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