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The Kitchen, the heart of your home
Families spend a large amount of their time together in the kitchen and over the past twenty years we have begun integrating the kitchen with the living spaces around it.  If you have an older home, it's typically not enough to just replace the kitchen cabinets but rather expand the kitchen. Many homes built prior to 1990 (and even a few newer ones) have chopped up floor plans with separate rooms for the dining room, living room, kitchen and family room.  The common complaint we hear is that none of those small rooms are very useful, especially while trying to entertain your guests.  

Through the use of modern structural beams we are typically able to remove walls and bring all those spaces together as one large space.  The result can be rather dramatic if you've lived with those little rooms for many years.  

So, if you dream of having a huge entertaining space to share with family and friends please give us a call and let us show you through the power of 3d design what your new space will look like.

Design Video of this Kitchen on YouTube

Hyde Park Makeover
A young couple in Hyde Park inherited a DIY kitchen project from the former owners when they purchased their home.  After deciding the project was more than they wished to take on they contacted us and we came up with some ideas for the new space.  The design included removing a separating wall between the kitchen and dining room.  We created the initial concept and they worked with our cabinet designers to settle on the final cabinet layout and styles.  The result was a stunning new open space that is fantastic for entertaining.
before and after kitchen cincinnati before and after kitchen cincinnati before and after kitchen cincinnati
"The quality of the work was beyond my expectations."    (more)
Beach Cottage Kitchen

This Terrace Park, Ohio couple enjoys the seaside cottage look and that was the inspiration for their kitchen remodel.  These homeowners have a multi-stage plan to improve and expand their home and the kitchen was the first major step to make it more functional until they can afford to work on the next major stages.  The design video shows the kitchen as well as the plan for a future great room that will become an integral part of their kitchen and dining area.  For those of you interested in the "details" there is also a video of demo and construction.

We were able to use the existing Woodmode cabinets and mixed them with custom, site-built cabinetry that really provides some contrast and accomplished the "beach cottage" look that the owner is going for.   You might be surprised to find out that custom built cabinetry (painted) doesn't cost much different than off-the-shelf components.  The advantage to site-built custom cabinets for this kitchen was that we were able to tailor the cabinets to the exacting space requirements of this efficient gourmet kitchen.   
Design Construction The Final Product
Design is essential to a quality project.  Getting it all on "paper" before we start ensures that your project flows smoothly and that the final result looks like the project that you imagined.   This video is a composite of daily progress videos and most were taken from a cameraphone, so don't expect any stunning camerawork.  It does show you just how involved the project is even though it is a fairly small kitchen. The final pictures speak for themselves.  We look forward to Stage 2 of the project, the Great Room.

Sharonville Kitchen with Wall Removals
These photos are from an extensive kitchen remodel that removed several walls in order to combine the living room, dining and kitchen into one space.
butlers pantry
before and after kitchen before and after kitchen before and after kitchen
before and after family room hardwood flooring with inlay

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